Lance (cleansetheland) wrote,


[Lance, now in possession of his clothes, appears on the journals. He’s not looking pleased. He speaks in an authoritative voice.] This is Lance of the Elite Four speaking. For those who are unaware, I am the strongest of the Elite Four -- the four most powerful Pokemon Trainers in the world. I need answers, and preferably now.

First of all, where am I and who brought me here? I have business back in Kanto, and I’d like to return there as soon as possible. [Defeat? What defeat?] I would appreciate it if anyone could give me directions, as well as information.

Secondly, has anyone seen any Dragon Pokemon? Specifically, I’m searching for four Dragonairs and a Dragonite. [What, you mean not everyone here knows Pokemon by species name? Nonsense.] I’m also missing a Gyarados, a Charizard and an Aerodactyl. If you find any of them, notify me immediately.

Thank you. That’s all. [click]
Tags: !blue, !haruki, !nu, !sapphire, !silver, !yuber
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