Lance (cleansetheland) wrote,



[By the edge of the forest, Lance and his Dragonite have stumbled back onto the scene, both looking rather worse for the wear. Lance stumbles slightly, disoriented, before turning to check the state Dragonite is in. Diagnosis: exhausted and scraped up as a result of the testing on Lance's powers.]

[Placing both hands on Dragonite's scales, Lance heals the worst of the wounds. Getting to his home here should be the next priori...]


[If you walk by roughly within the next hour, you may notice an odd sight: Lance slouched, fast asleep, against a worried Dragonite. Someone underestimated how weakened his powers were by the Malnosso's experiments. If you're a kind, worried citizen, you could try calling out to him; approaching him with a protective Dragonite nearby might not be the best move, but it's your call.]

[Just don't expect him to be happy upon waking up.]
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